In the United States today, a private jet is grounded at least every one in nine flights, resulting in costly downtime.

The private jet market is deprived of quick and timely solutions for repairs. The manufacturers and warranty providers do not have a nationwide company they can rely on when AOG service for their jet is needed.

Having spent over 45 years of combined experience in the private aviation industry, and recognizing the lack of consistent road support, propelled us to launch a new concept in on-demand AOG repairs to service all airports nationwide where twin-engine private jets can land.

AeroGeek Aviation Solutions is the new breed of on-demand AOG services

AeroGeek services provide peace of mind when unscheduled maintenance occurs. Our constantly expanding partner network of MRO’s allows us to have a FAA-licensed aircraft technician arrive at most sites in the country in under 6 hours. By offering a one point of contact for all your AOG needs, we eliminate the need for multiple phone calls looking for an A&P technician to service your plane when grounded away from home base.